Instructional Media and Technology Services

Instructional Media and Technology Services (IMATS) is a department within the Barnard College Library.  The core purpose of IMATS is to use technology and media to serve research, instruction, and learning at Barnard.  There are two units of IMATS: Audiovisual Technology Services (AVTS) and Instructional Media Services (IMS).  AVTS offers audio visual services, equipment, and operators for classrooms, conferences, lectures, and other campus events.

Instructional Media Services (IMS) includes an equipment room that manages over 800 checkouts per semester; this is a service available to all Barnard and Columbia faculty, staff, and students.  The equipment room offers a wide range of video cameras (from GoPros to advanced 4k camcorders); audio (shotgun microphones, Tascam recorders, XLR cables); lighting; digital photography cameras; projectors, screens, portable speakers, and other items.  It is staffed by approximately 20 Barnard undergraduate student workers.  IMS also fulfills video recording services for the College, producing over 100 videos a semester of events, classes, conferences, and so forth; this has lead to several flipped classroom projects.  Periodically there are more “produced” video projects that are scripted or documentary, at times including green-screen, animation, and other intensive post-production work.

IMATS also works extensively with faculty, such as consulting on syllabi and curricula; utilizing Sakai and Canvas (Barnard’s learning management systems); teaching workshops in courses on digital tools and software such as podcasting, Adobe Photoshop, or video editing; assisting with research data collection and analysis; and other types of projects.  IMATS is uniquely positioned to test out and experiment with new educational technologies.  This intersection of media equipment and digital production; instruction and research; and administrative staff and faculty members has lead to fruitful, cross-disciplinary projects such as the ones outlined in this website.


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